Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Ache of Trust

Do you trust God?

If asked, someone who believes they are a Christian would most likely answer yes.  What else are you going to say?  But think about it. 

It sounds so simple, so obvious.  Actually, it's colossal.

Trust isn't about understanding, about liking what's happening, about being happy about what God is doing.  Trust is about accepting His plan and believing His way is best even when its hard.  Even when it seems impossible.

Today, I am learning to trust.  It's not easy today.  There are so many things I want, good, godly things but He isn't providing them.  Sometimes, that makes me feel hurt and confused and sometimes, it makes me feel mad.  But even when I'm mad at God and don't like what He's doing, I know that I still need Him.  Usually, it's when I'm mad and confused that I feel most desperate for Him because that's when I really feel how little control I have.

I am a nobody in control of nothing but am loved by the God of everything. 

In Romans 11, Paul reminds us that God has given us His Son.  Jesus is the best gift we will ever receive.  If God is willing to give us His Son, He probably isn't going to hold out on smaller blessings unless it's for our good. 

At the end of the day, I don't need those good, godly things I want so badly.  All I need is God and no matter how many times I get mad at Him or don't trust Him, He's never leaving!