Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Secure in Love

The other night, I couldn't sleep. It was so awesome! I've had a lot of my mind lately. This time in my life is so full of cross-roads and possibilities. I get excited and scared and nervous about what's next for me. That night, I was too full of that to sleep and so...I talked to God.

I've prayed for many years but I can't remember ever praying like I did then. I was just talking like I'd talk to my mom or a good friend. And as I poured out my thoughts, I was overwhelmed by the lavish love of my God. He wants to talk to me. Can you believe it? He wants to hear all about my rambling, chaotic, sin-riddled life.

Like every girl, I have moments of insecurity. Moments when I don't feel special or beautiful or worth very much. Talking to my Savior takes all that away. No matter what else - God, my Creator, loves me and calls me His. That is an empowering thought, y'all!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fear of Silence

I'm afraid. What if I speak out and no one listens? God says that when we speaks His words, they will not return empty. If my words match with His, then they'll be heard. Words are powerful. If I speak, then at the very least, they will change me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Enemy Loved

I fight.
My shield carries the emblem of the cross
yet how often do I slumber on my watch.
I charge into battle and then
I bare my own chest for the sword.
I want the touch of its cold steel.
I swallow it whole
Only after do I feel the hot blood
bubble around the wound.
Only now do I realize
that I have loved the taste of death.

O, that I remember the shameful sorrow of this truth when temptation next attacks!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Be Inspired to Change

It's easy to be inspired. It's harder to change how you live based on that inspiration. But unless we let the words flow into our souls and move our hands to act, we will realize at the end that we wasted our lives in spite of all our good intentions.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Call to Arms


I can't say how excited I am to be starting this digital journey. God has really been working in my life lately, reinvigorating my passion for Him. I created this blog so that I could document and share this adventure.

Ephesians tell us to put on the full armor of God and while that doesn't mean that every Christian needs to strap on a breastplate and start whacking things, it does mean that the Christian life is about fighting. A Christian is a warrior. I am a warrior. I fight against my own weakness and sin. I fight for Christ. March with His emblem on my armor.

Its so easy to forget that this life is about struggle. We want everything to be easy, to never have troubles. But that isn't good for us. I've found that I grow closer to God when my life gets hard because thats when I see how helpless I am without Him. And when I realize how weak I am, that's when I truly become strong. Because I can throw myself totally onto Him.

So, whether you are a fellow 'warrior' or maybe somebody who doesn't really know what this whole 'Jesus', 'Christian life' things is all about, I invite to come along. Read a little and stay if you like what you see. I'm sure this isn't the world's best blog or even the first time somebody has written a blog about this kind of thing. All this is meant to be is the pages of my journey we go