Monday, June 11, 2012

Spiritual Amputation

Burn. Singe.  Sear the darkness from my bones.

Irradicate.  Amputate the chaos within me.

It is overwhelming me.  Drowning me.  I'm dying in my own sin.  The Light is in me.  You said that.  I believe You.  But the darkness hates the Light.  It wants You dead.  And if it can't get You, then it wants to take me with it.

No. No. No.  I am tired to listening to darkness.  Sick of being blind.  No more lies.  No more cowardice. 

Take the scalpel to my life and carve away everything that is not from You.

For I know that it is better to enter Your glory maimed then to be thrown whole into the anguish of hell.  And You will love me, broken and worthless as I am.  You will kiss my scars and I will see Yours.  Is any pain too much for that prize?

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