Thursday, August 23, 2012

Never Stand Still

The Christian life is never meant to be stationary and that is its beauty.  Sometimes it can be frustrating - no matter how far we've come, we still have more to go in this life.  BUT it is so awesome to know that even when I mess up and sin and deny my Savior, He's still waiting for me to climb back up to my feet and keep going.  Satan wants more than anything for us to stop moving forward towards Christ.  Guilt is one of his greatest weapons.  It feels godly because we are feeling sorry for our sin but actually, it has us frozen in the middle of the road and looking back at how bad we've been.

Guilt tells God that we don't trust Him enough to cover our sins.  That we have to emotionally flog ourselves to be clean again.  That His sacrifice just can't be enough. 

This isn't the same as repentance.  Repentance is godly and sometimes, it can take more than thirty seconds.  It is good to prostrate yourself before God and beg forgiveness for your own sinful stupidity but after you have poured out your soul to Him, get up and keep moving.  Repentance is an action, a turning from sin so stop looking back and get on with your walk. 

Christ hates sin but He loves a repentant heart.  We don't have to say we're sorry five million times over two weeks for that one sin we did.  Repent and believe that He's good enough. 

Don't let anything keep you standing still.

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